Translucent film

Self-adhesive backlight film, ideal for illuminated ads and graphics. It reduces flare and ensures brilliant light effect and vivid and clear colours.

Product description

The translucent film (also called the backlit film) is a semi-transparent, self-adhesive frosted glass window film, placed in various cassettes and light panels. Ideal for illuminated ads and graphics.

Printing on a transparent film in daylight doesn’t stand out from a regular print. The final effect is only visible after dusk when the print is backlit. The translucent film allows light to pass through and it evenly diffuses light that falls on the graphics from under reducing reflections and providing a brilliant light effect and vivid and clear colours.

The translucent film is an 80 micron self-adhesive film, printed in eco-solvent printing technology. Maximum printing width is 152 cm. You can combine parts into one layout. The translucent film is certified as class B1 fire retardant.


PVC film,
80 micrometers (microns),
Print technology
Eco-solvent printing,
Max. Width
152 cm,
Non-flammability certificate
Indoor, Outdoor,

Materials / Available options

Translucent film, matt

Translucent film, matt, designed for eco-solvent printing.

Types of finishing

Cutting to size

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