Monomeric film

Smooth surface film used for indoor/outdoor display. It features high colour saturation and distinct graphics.

Product description

Monomeric film is a self-adhesive film used on smooth, flat surfaces, free from textures and embossed areas such as shop windows or flat advertising boards. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The monomeric film printing is characterised by a high color saturation and distinct graphics.

The monomeric film is designed for medium to short term applications (it has a lifetime of approximately 2 years). Available in mat and gloss version. To extend the printing durability, we recommend that you protect the film with a laminate. Laminate protects print from weather conditions, mechanical factors, and from UV radiation preventing color loss. The monomeric film is waterproof and resistant to varying temperatures.

The monomeric film is available with different types of adhesive layers. The most economical is the permanent adhesive film. The foil with gray adhesive allows the film to be placed on a previously printed substrate without showing through the graphics.

Prints can be cut to size or shape as needed, in addition to selecting a material.

The monomeric film is printed using eco-solvent printing technology on 100 micron material. Maximum printing width 160 cm. You can combine parts into one layout. The monomeric film is certified as class B1 fire retardant.


PVC film,
100 micrometers (microns),
Print technology
Eco-solvent printing,
Max. Width
Non-flammability certificate
Indoor, Outdoor,
Colourless, Easily removable, Permanent, Gray,

Materials / Available options

Glossy film

Glossy film, designed for eco-solvent printing.

A glossy film with laminate

Glossy film covered with additional laminate, designed for eco-solvent printing.

Matt film

Matt film, designed for eco-solvent printing.

A matt film with laminate

Matt film covered with additional laminate, designed for eco-solvent printing.

Types of finishing

Cutting to shape

Cutting to shape + Peeling/Plucking out

Cutting to shape + Peeling/Plucking out + Transfer film

Cutting to size

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