Reflex Banner

A reflective banner lightens in the car headlights. Visible in the dark, without the need for constant lighting.

Product description

The Reflex Banner is an advertising banner made from a special material with a reflective coating that lights up in the light of car headlights. It is most frequently displayed in areas where there is no need for permanent additional lighting (e.g. near roads). The Reflex Banner reflects the lights of the car’s headlights, making the banner “shine” in the dark, making it perfectly visible for those passing it (the banner lights up like the road sign). During the daily exposure, the difference between a regular banner and a Reflex Banner is not noticeable. The difference is only visible after dark.

The Reflex Banner is made from a strong, flexible PVC-based material with an additional honeycomb structure filled with microprismatic particles of reflective material. Apart from reflective properties, it is characterised by a very high tolerance to extreme temperatures, which allows you to combine print panels in any final size without the risk of excessive stretching or contraction at extreme temperature differences.

The Reflex Banner is printed UV on 500 g material. Maximum printing width 320 cm. You can combine parts into one layout. A variety of finishes, such as eyelets, tunnels, velcro, keder, and more, ensure trouble-free installation, regardless of the form of the floor.

Print technology
UV printing,
Max. Width
Indoor, Outdoor,

Materials / Available options

Reflex Banner 500g

PVC-based vinyl material 500g with an additional honeycomb structure filled with microprismatic particles of reflective material. Designed for use in UV printing technology.

Types of finishing

Cutting to size

Tape (front side)

Tape (reverse side)

Tape + eyelets (front side)

Tape + eyelets (reverse side)

Weld + eyelets (front side)

Weld + eyelets (reverse side)

Velcro (front side)


Tunnel with tube

Round keder (front side)

Round keder (reverse side)

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