Popular and effective advertising media used at outdoor events. Extremely light and easy to install.

Product description

Oval is a popular exhibition system used for outdoor events. It is extremely lightweight and very easy to assemble and disassemble. Attached to the floor by means of pins. The set includes: 

  • print,
  • frame,
  • pins,
  • mounting strips
  • a transport bag to protect the product from damage during transport and during storage.

 Available sizes:

  • 65x126cm
  • 80x100cm
  • 100x200cm
  • 110x270cm 
  • Oval is printed using ecological dye sublimation technology on ecological textile material (Decor) of 220g 

    Oval is also readily used for environmental and image reasons. Both the fabric and the type of printing (dye-sublimation) are currently among the most environmentally friendly methods of producing advertising materials. Owing both to eco-friendly printing technology and PVC FREE material – Oval belongs to the ecological Monster ECO Print product group. 

    The product is certified as class M1/ B1 fire retardant. 


    ECO product
    Textiles (Decor),
    Print technology
    Sublimation printing,
    Non-flammability certificate
    Indoor, Outdoor,

    Materials / Available options

    Textiles (Decor 220g)

    Eco-friendly fabric (100% polyester) with a grammage of 220g, designed for use in sublimation printing technology.