ECO X-banner

Lightweight and mobile exhibition system used to present companies, products and services. From now on, also in the ECO version!

Product description

ECO X-banner (also called the “spider banner”) is a lightweight and mobile exhibition system used to present companies, products and services. It is ideal for exhibitions, fairs, conferences, training, meetings and kinds of business events.

ECO X-banner differs from the regular X-banner in the type of material on which the graphic is printed. ECO X-banners are printed on ecological textile materials (decor) in dye-sublimation technology. 

ECO X-banner is also readily used for environmental and image reasons. Both the fabric and the type of printing (dye-sublimation) are currently among the most environmentally friendly methods of producing advertising materials. Owing both to eco-friendly printing technology and PVC FREE material – ECO X-banner belongs to the ecological Monster ECO Print product group. The maximum size of the ECO X-banner is 2x2m. The product is certified as class M1/ B1 fire retardant. 

Its main advantage is its foldable, small and ultra-light design (X-banner is much lighter than a roll-up), and simple mounting of the banner (you only have to fasten the print onto the frame with the corner-mounted eyelets). The fastening system allows for quick assembly/disassembly of the print, as well as the use of several replaceable banners. The metal and carbon fiber design makes X-banner a highly durable system that resists damage during transport.

The banner set consists of a “X”-style frame, a print and a transport bag that protects the banner from damage and makes it easy to transport it.


ECO product
Textiles (Decor),
Print technology
Sublimation printing,
Non-flammability certificate
Indoor, Outdoor,
max. 2m x 2m,

Materials / Available options

Textiles (Decor 220g)

Eco-friendly fabric (100% polyester) with a grammage of 220g, designed for use in sublimation printing technology.

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