Billboard BBS

Popular and effective advertising media, often found on motorways and high-speed roads. Printed on specially designed Blue Back Side paper, extremely resistant to weather conditions, humidity and UV light.

Product description

Billboard is one of the largest and most recognizable outdoor media. Often found on high-speed roads, express roads and motorways, it is eye-catching and memorable. Billboard BBS’s performance is largely due to its exceptionally large format and location, typically placed in strategic locations. A uniform and clear print ensures excellent visibility even from a distance.

The Billboard BBS has a matt surface and is printed on a special 115g/m2 Blue back side (BBS) paper whose blue substrate isolates billboard material from the ground, preventing the display of ads that had been previously placed at the site of our exposure. The Billboard BBS is uniquely immune to atmospheric conditions such as moisture and UV light.

It is used successfully in external exposure.

Billboard BBS is printed in eco-solvent printing technology. Maximum printing width 152 cm. Combining parts allows you to create large-format ads with virtually unlimited size.

Print technology
Eco-solvent printing,
Max. Width
152 cm,
Indoor, Outdoor,

Materials / Available options

Billboard BBS 115g

115g coated paper with a smooth surface and a blue reverse, designed for eco-solvent printing.

Types of finishing

Division of PVC banners + Folding + Description

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