Shopping gift bag

Perfectly combines the features of advertising media with consumer features Ideal for the promotion of companies, products and services.

Product description

Shopping gift bags are a product that perfectly combines the features of advertising media with consumer features.

Bags can be used to promote companies, products and services as promotional gadgets to end-user / prospective customer.

They are ideal for packaging gift cards, marketing gifts and other materials at trade fairs, conferences, training sessions, events and also as gift packages (e.g. Christmas gift boxes for employees or contractors).

The bags are made of decor, a high-quality recycled textile material, printed with the use of sublimation technology. The edges and bottom of the bags are further reinforced. We have our own sewing room where experienced workers care about the aesthetic finish of each product.

Both the fabric and the type of printing (sublimation) are currently among the most environmentally friendly methods of producing advertising materials. Shopping gift bags are part of the Monster ECO Print product group – they are 100% eco-friendly and safe.

ECO product
Textiles (Decor),
Print technology
Sublimation printing,
Indoor, Outdoor,

Materials / Available options

Textiles (Decor 220g)

Eco-friendly fabric (100% polyester) with a grammage of 220g, designed for use in sublimation printing technology.