Frontlit banner

One of the most durable and popular advertising media, printed on PVC vinyl. It is exceptionally resistant to mechanical damage and weather conditions.

Product description

Frontlit banner is a standard one-sided print media that is printed on PVC material. Frontlit banner is one of the most durable and popular advertising media on the market. It has a high print quality and a high degree of mechanical damage resistance. It is waterproof and resistant to UV radiation, moisture, low and high temperatures. Frontlit banner is dedicated to both indoor and outdoor applications. Lightweight and convenient for transport. 

With its high strength and the ability to combine 5 meter-long parts into advertising media of impressive sizes (the size of the banners is virtually unlimited), Frontlit banners are particularly widely used in spectacular large format outdoor campaigns. 

A variety of finishes, such as eyelets, tunnels, velcro, keder, and many others ensure trouble-free installation, regardless of the form of the exhibition place.

Frontlit banner is printed in UV technology on 450/ 500 g material. The maximum printing width is 500 cm. You can combine parts into one layout. Frontlit Banner is M1/B1 certified.

450g / 500g,
Print technology
UV printing,
Max. Width
500 cm,
Non-flammability certificate
Indoor, Outdoor,

Materials / Available options

Frontlit Economy 450g

450g PVC vinyl material, designed for UV printing.

Frontlit Premium 500g

500g PVC vinyl material, designed for UV printing.

Types of finishing

Cutting to size

Tape (front side)

Tape (reverse side)

Tape + eyelets (front side)

Tape + eyelets (reverse side)

Weld + eyelets (front side)

Weld + eyelets (reverse side)

Velcro (front side)

Velcro (reverse side)


Tunnel with tube

Round keder (front side)

Round keder (reverse side)