High-quality fabric with a glossy texture, designed for dye-sublimation printing. It enables creation of promotional materials with a unique and distinctive aesthetics.

Product description

Satin is a high-quality fabric with a glossy structure, used for the production of one-sided promotional materials with a unique and distinctive aesthetics. Satin is soft to the touch, slippery and perfectly smooth. On one side, it is glossy (front side), on the other side it is matt (on the reverse). It is highly durable and flexible. Printed with the use of dye-sublimated printing in order to obtain deep and saturated colours. 

Dye-sublimation printing technology stains the fabric so prints are not easy to break, do not become stiff and can be folded into cubes which reduces material storage and transportation costs. The prints on Satin can be washed and pressed. Satin is used wherever high quality and high aesthetic exposure is particularly important – in galleries, showrooms, boutiques, trade fairs, symposia, conferences etc.

Satin is also readily used for environmental and image reasons. Both the fabric and the type of print (sublimation) are currently among the most environmentally friendly methods of producing advertising materials.

A variety of finishes, such as eyelets, tunnels, velcro, keder, and many others ensure trouble-free installation, regardless of the form of the exhibition place.

Satin is printed in dye-sublimation technology on 130g material. Maximum printing width is 320 cm. You can combine parts into one layout. The product is certified as class M1/ B1 fire retardant. 

Owing both to eco-friendly printing technology and PVC FREE material, Satin belongs to the ecological Monster ECO Print product group.

ECO product
Print technology
Sublimation printing,
Max. Width
Non-flammability certificate

Materials / Available options

Satin 130g

High-quality, environmentally friendly 130g fabric, designed for use in sublimation printing technology.

Satin 130g

Types of finishing

Hot cutting

Hem (front side)

Hem (reverse side)

Tape (front side)

Tape (reverse side)

Tape + eyelets (front side)

Tape + eyelets (reverse side)

Velcro (front side)

Velcro (reverse side)


Tunnel with tube

Round keder (front side)

Round keder (reverse side)

Flat Keder (Reverse side)

Tape + D-Ring (front side)

Tape + D-Ring (reverse side)

Carabiners (front side)

Carabiners (Reverse side)

Zip fastener (front side)

Zip fastener (reverse side)